Saturday, September 24, 2011

Productive Friday!

I saw this lady on the bus, and I was glad she wasn't in too much of a rush to have her picture taken.
Zuri says she accumulates random articles of clothing, and throws on whatever strikes her fancy in the morning.  Organized chaos--it works!  There's a lot of color and texture contrast, but most of the colors are subdued, so the outfit as a whole isn't overwhelming.

Kaye, who works at The Wedge Pizzeria in the ped mall, goes for soft, comfortable clothes.  That just happen to be awesomely chic.

Kiera, meanwhile, likes to be "outta the box".  What caught my eye was the iteration of stripes, and the different shades of blue, both highlighted by solid, dark colors.
Her outfit reminds me that wearing even a couple small embellishments can really spice up your day.  It makes you feel like you're manifesting something more exciting than real life usually is. 

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