Wednesday, September 14, 2011

First Photo Expedition

The White Rabbit is an indie/vintage boutique in downtown Iowa City.  In addition to used clothing, shoes, and accessories, they have a wide array of craft items, many locally made: prints and notecards, artwork, clutches, hair accessories, jewelry, journals and notepads, and much more.  Many of the items are made locally.  Check out the website:

The shop moved into a larger location across the street over the summer, and a new addition is a coffee bar.  The two ladies sitting at the bar (left and right below) and the server (middle) obliged me with a group photo.

The lady on the right has a business called Drainbowland, and the server has one called Candida Etc.

The lady at the register posed with her luscious tattoos:

She made the self-deprecating claim that she has no sense of style--"I just wear whatever's clean."  Even without the tattoos, I beg to differ: the understated neutral shirt helps ground a whimsical, bright-colored skirt and pair of tights.

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  1. The "lady on the right" is Paige Harwell and she is frontwoman of the wicked punk band, Super Sonic Piss. The "lady at the register" is Grace Locke Ward, drummer extrordinaire and one of the driving forces behind Skirt and What a Load of Craft. A google search will lead you to the awesomeness that is both of them. ;)