Monday, September 26, 2011

Friends and such

Jody, a beautiful, smart, and fierce classmate, lays the smackdown on a half-page color ad in the Daily Iowan (the UI student rag):

Seriously, check out the link above and prepare to be appalled.  UI Health Care is targeting girls in their late teens for plastic surgery advertising.

We'll definitely see more of Jody if she allows it--she's perfected the art of elegant simplicity, and looking like a million dollars in Goodwill finds.

My roommate Alli, an adventurous fashionista, has a new haircut and a fun church outfit:

Alli's an expert at wearing neon-colored tights without looking outlandish--she lets just a little bit show, and it matches something else she's wearing--in this case, some of the butterflies in her scarf.

And, like the Cancer she is, she gets beer for the menfolk . . . looking every bit like St. Pauli girl.


  1. Thanks for the feature, Rose. :)

    My outfit is also almost 100% thrifted, only the boots were purchased new. I got the tights at a garage sale (in original, unopened package) and everything else at Goodwill.

  2. Oh, I guess the long-sleeved magenta shirt under the sweater was new from Target last year, too.